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Airsoft Pistols and Rifles

Airsoft is currently one of the most popular sports and activities in the world, and is actually taking over paintball in terms out outdoor, weapons-based fun. If you’re looking for an exciting, fun, and hugely rewarding hobby and outdoor pursuit, Airsoft could potentially be the perfect sport for you. If you’re new to Airsoft however, you will probably want to familiarize yourself with the sport itself. This is where we come into the picture as you will find pretty much everything you need to know about Airsoft. We’ll be looking at Airsoft pistols and rifles, usages, history, types, and more besides. So, without any further hesitation, let’s take a detailed look at Airsoft.


What is Airsoft? – Airsoft is a game which is similar in principle to paintball. Instead of firing via CO2 canisters however, most Airsoft weapons fire via electrically wound springs instead. 6mm plastic BBs are fired from the weapons. What makes Airsoft so appealing however, is the fact that many of the Airsoft pistols and rifles used are almost identical to real-life weapons. The only real difference in design is the fact that they are often made from plastic, and have to be brightly coloured to help people ensure that they aren’t in fact real weapons. Safety goggles will be worn, players will often be split into teams, and will then enter the battlefield and play various games such as: search and destroy, VIP, and capture the flag. The main issue is that there is no indication whether or not players have been hit, so the game relies on marshals with keen eyes, and honesty.


A brief history of Airsoft – There is just something about holding a gun that people seem to find so appealing and exciting. Whether it’s because they imagine themselves as an action star from the movies, an heroic soldier, or anything else, people just love guns. Unfortunately real guns are incredibly dangerous, and toy guns are, well, hardly exciting. Airsoft weapons however, are perfect. But where did they originate? Well, actually, they originated in Japan back in the 80s. As real guns were illegal, private hobbyists would make replica weapons which fired plastic pellets. More and more people began buying, and using these weapons, and private companies quickly caught on. Now, to begin with, the weapons were used purely for target practice like you would at target ranges, but as time went by, people began using them in competitive games. The guns were adapted so that they were far, far less dangerous, and the competitive sport of Airsoft was born.


Types of Airsoft weapons – The great thing about Airsoft is the fact that there are so many different guns to choose from. Not only do you have pistols, but you also have different types of pistol, I.E Beretta, Glock, etc. There are shotguns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, you can even purchase grenades filled with smoke, or numerous BBs.