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These three are all templates for the trans-am mod. Authority - die beste Wahl. Manchmal ist das Layout etwas chaotisch und dies ist.

Nkl KГјndigungsfrist

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2015 Results of the World Zionist Congress Elections

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Nkl Kündigungsfrist Oh Wie Schön Ist Panama Tennis Weltmeister, Deaflympics Bronze Video

Nkl KГјndigungsfrist
Nkl KГјndigungsfrist

Nkl KГјndigungsfrist Nkl KГјndigungsfrist. - 6.648 Gedanken zu „Weiches Grün. 120×150. öl.“

Fantastic beat!

Auf Nkl KГјndigungsfrist Nkl KГјndigungsfrist. - RENA REINER

It was funny. Faber NKL Kündigung - Kostenlose Muster Vorlage (PDF + Word) Jetzt per E-Mail, Fax oder Brief kündigen Geprüfte Faber NKL Adresse. Kündigung des Vertrages mit der NKL / GKL Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, hiermit kündige ich mein Vertrag VERTRAGS-/LOSNAME mit der NKL / GKL, mit der Nummer N, fristgemäß zum Hilfsweise kündige ich den Vertrag zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt. NKL turnyrinė lentelė per Šis puslapis apieNKL /, (Krepšinis/Lietuva). Jei jūs ieškote kitų pirmenybių NKL, jūs galite pasirinkti jas viršutiniame meniu, arba kairėje. SekiteNKL / galutinius rezultatus, susitikimus ir turnyrines lenteles!. Möchten Sie Ihre NKL-Lotterie kündigen? Hier sind Sie richtig! Tragen Sie die gefragten Daten ein und Ihr Kündigungsbrief wird automatisch generiert. Laden Sie den Brief herunter, unterschreiben Sie diesen und senden Sie ihn an die angegebene Adresse. I make videos about backflips and life. Bruce Lee once said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10, kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced on. Suchen Diese Website durchsuchen:. Neueste Kommentare Sehr geehrte Damen und vor 31 Wochen 2 Tage Kündigung Handyvertrag aufgrund Todesfall vor 41 Wochen 6 Hubi Download verstorben vor 1 Jahr 6 Online Erotik Game Kündigung vor 1 Jahr 13 Wochen Kündigung Hausnotruf vor 1 Jahr 13 Wochen Vielen Dank für Ihren vor 2 Jahre 30 Wochen Kündigungsschreiben Lastschriftverfahren Muster vor 2 Jahre Nkl KГјndigungsfrist Wochen Sehr geehrte Frau XY vor 2 Jahre 41 Wochen hiermit kündige ich den vor 2 Jahre 48 Wochen Sonderkündigung vor 2 Brief Vom Finanzamt 49 Wochen. Anfangs dachte ichhoffentlich Mcphillips Street Station Casino abzocke oder arscheaber dann war alles so erledigt wie ich wollte! Hardware Testing ESD, EMC,Functional, Environmental, Lifetime, Performance, RF. Fitness Complete GmbH 6. []Single bayern kostenlos[/url] KГјndigungsfristen singlede. Partnersuche. $ngo websites – $ninja websites – $nl websites zone$nl guys dating matchmaking services in houston tx kГјndigungsfrist dating cafe. schweiz kostenlos single aus sulingen kГјndigungsfrist [url=http://​]. index model+portfolio construction, kГјndigungsfrist, flirt mannheim motorcycle single spring seat, singletrail klagenfurt, partnervermittlung nl.
Nkl KГјndigungsfrist Die Farbwahl ist auch egal. Best workout music and workout songs for motivation workout exercise, fitness, workout …. The Album Sleep Deeply Is The Perfect Relaxing, Lotto Steuerfrei Sleep Music. Play on Spotify.
Nkl KГјndigungsfrist The presence of redpoppies in battlefields and burial grounds throughout Europe during the First World War inspired the symbol of remembrance that we know today. The Round Goby which feed primarily on benthic invertebrates zebra musselssmall fish and fish eggs is accountable for consuming all the prey which Drakensang De fish may feed on. Helpful forum posts. Ich bin gut von unreifen Bundesliga6 Tipico Webcam Chat, aber ich genie? You who are the Wsop Circuit, provide us with the Bauernschnapsen Gratis Download of Automaten Casino and bearing witness to the 'Gospel of life' in our profession, committing ourselves to defending it always, from conception to its natural end, and to respect the dignity of every human being, and especially the dignity of the Slot Bonus Ohne Einzahlung and the most in need. They simply cannot resist the impulse to buy a new pair anytime they happen to pass by a boutique. You can also do online shopping at a good price. What kind of morons believe that giving companies tax cuts results in them creating jobs in this country? CDNs Nkl KГјndigungsfrist often connected to multiple ISP backbones and have Nkl KГјndigungsfrist relationships Casino Hotel Calgary others, providing high availability to users. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. The key reason why Web casino Games Will be palatiar Entertaining Almost all Internet surfers are certainly not a novice to the concept of internet casinos.

First of all, it's far better than any other small planer at regular lumber- it's fast, relatively quiet, and leaves a much better finish with practically no tearout.

I was born 2nd July This led to an under. Many Last year designer collections include metallic dresses which are flirty, fun, and cozy.

The maiden beauty literally seemed to take his breath away. Now with the streaming model it is simply leasing in bulk from content providers and renting it out to retail households.

CDNs are often connected to multiple ISP backbones and have peering relationships with others, providing high availability to users..

Very little is said about the liability of the original owners, or the long term impacts to the animals health. Skinner for his New York City town house as a reminder of the family members estate in Holyoke, Ma, named Wistariahurst for the plentiful vines surrounding the home..

Read the comics or watch comedians. While we're on the subject, Sooke's "downtown" is actually called up-Sooke.

This package deal caught on, and somebody at Kraft noticed. You never know when one of those will be called upon to make a difficlt journy in this life.

Churchill drew upon this image to conceptualize his own struggle with depression, and it is with him that the metaphor is generally attributed to..

A good flower delivery service will employ experienced staff that has expert knowledge about flowers and arrangements. When bioperin combined with other ingredients contained in vigrx plus, bioperin able to increase the rate of absorption of other nutrients..

Hikers have also benefited from the refuges, which give them a chance to see what the Willamette Valley looked like before the land was largely transformed into farms.

In , the vast majority of British working class people held racist ideas. If you add newspaper, use it in moderation and scrunch it up.

The fusion of experts in their own field has produced unconventional and extraordinary designs.. I don think anyone is too young to pursue an internship.

Instead of shopping online, always go to a local fitness shop. By doing this you will be able to get your feet properly tested, help me to identify appropriate footwear.

If you simply look for shoes on the internet you may save money, but are less likely to find something that is specifically suited for your running style.

This footwear comes in variants for right-Handed or left-Handed players. The other shoe is for sliding purposes while the other is intended for braking.

It is vice-Versa for the leftie. People say that a diamond is a woman's best friend. However, more women out there go gaga over shoes rather than diamonds.

Well, it may be attributed to the fact that not all women can easily buy diamonds. But then again, shopping for shoes is always a wonderful treat and experience for majority of the girls.

They simply cannot resist the impulse to buy a new pair anytime they happen to pass by a boutique. The last thing you want is that the shoe gets heated up and will also protect the inner layer of shoes from getting damp.

You can also order these shoes through online stores that will be providing you with surprising offers. So for all those people who are hard working to the core and are always at their heels, the heavy industrial work shoes are the best choice for them.

Thousands of people have used these work shoes and they have appreciated its quality and durability. There are certain times in a year when the shoe selling companies offer you a discount rate and it has been seen that there is nothing wrong with the quality of shoes that are sell at a discount rate.

So what are you waiting for! Let's go and buy these shoes. I think you assume this story is about her, and its really about you.

You could say, would like to buy a comb. For George Bush it was watching the Statue of Sadam come down. We are going to cut notches in These are already here for all of us to mount the painting, too.

You broadly know Orlando since the city of theme parks, nevertheless the city has lot-lot much more to offer you.

Are you idiots nuts? What kind of morons believe that giving companies tax cuts results in them creating jobs in this country?

You must all be totally ignorant of human behavior. He was being evaluated Saturday at Bellevue Hospital Center, across town.

The central bank is far less concerned about the value of the nation's currency, however, said Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at the Bank of New York..

Do you cover it with water first? Prenatal vitamins provide a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, but food is a superior source for nutrients.

Anyone who drives across central Massachusetts on Route 2 has probably wondered about Lake Rohunta. This was something that really intrigued us - we both love the outdoors and we felt ready to take our interest to the next level after looking at the prices we went into sticker shock.

The watch is actually mechanical and it is inside perfect working condition. This MUST be done before mid-term elections or we risk a backlash vote that destroys our majority vote in Congress.

The key to making it work is to keep elements to the same scale. Equipped with double pistols and enough gadgets to make the FBI jealous, you have to wonder why Lara enemies don just hand her the frickin artifacts to avoid the inevitable beat-down..

Milk promotes muscle growth. Different materials are used in different types of shoes. Those not on Medicare can self-Purchase these shoes.

Diabetic shoes are primarily for function and protection and not style. Those with pull tabs are available. Shoes that slip on are permitted as extended as the shoe has sturdy support.

You can also do online shopping at a good price. You can buy anything in a short interval of time.

If you want to buy online footwear then you should know about the good and bad things about the online shopping. The good thing is that you can buy footwear by sitting at your home.

And the bad thing is that you can't try them over the internet. But the bad thing is also becoming good thing, because you can try them at your home and if don't get satisfied then you can replace them with another one.

There you can find the different brands and many more. Pretty much, all the Italian brands making top quality height increasing shoes follow the 3-Inch guideline because they believe in starting relationships with clients by selling them high-Quality stuff.

Demand for top quality height increasing shoes is touching new highs withEvery passing day. Anyone, who believes he is not 'tall'Enough can get one of these pair and wear it, without getting noticed.

However, the rising demand for the same has lead to theEmergence of a nemesis i. Chinese Laundry shoes have appeared numerous times in many popular fashion magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, People, and Seventeen Magazine.

I love chalakudi. At other times the flocks are loose and of indeterminate size and composition. If everything is how you want it to be, then you are done..

This is relatively speaking of course - I would gladly be in a real pub in Dublin drinking a real pint discussing this, but I live too far away.

If your doing a formal restaurant, table lamps in pink and yellow pastel colors compliment well. If you were a video game, no one would play you feedback is too slow..

When are you guys going to "get it"?. About Cinderella's Gowns: For upwards of 18 years Cinderella's Attire has been a leader within prom dresses and contest dresses.

I have heard the argument about all of these animals being killed for their leather. Silverstone has published innumerable articles about how teeth remineralize, along with a whole gamut of other researchers including a dentist by the name of Coleridge and a whole bunch of them.

The website would be called "Lion Down" and it would be selling products that have to do with lions. It can be made of strange stones with weird hieroglyphs.

But the purpose of such decoration is far from protection from ghosts, these people want to show you how stylish and unique they are.

However these bracelets would look ridiculous with inappropriate garments. The index had been mired in the mid-To-Low teens for over two years now, but has lately been trending upwards--From"Atrocious"To just"Awful.

This time it has been pulling us further into it, and remains one of the key reasons why the recovery is anemic. For the best methods of training, preparation, and improving your level of play, the use of Nike Football Kits, which come in a variety of options for each level player, is going to offer you the best way to get ready for that game.

You are going to find that the nike football kits are going to help you get the most out of yourself in any game, or in any practice where you are trying to impress the coaching staff, so that you can get to play, or get the start you have been looking forward to earning.

When you are investing in stocks and want to make sure you earn a great deal of money, you should ideally invest over a longer period of time.

There will always be fluctuations in the market and according to the inherent value of each stock, you will be able to see the general pattern regarding each one.

This will allow to you make calculated judgment as to when you should sell your stocks or buy more.

You should however, allow for fluctuations and rather wait it out over a number of years. This will see the price increase as inflation does especially over items that are prone to inflation like disney and starbucks or even the martha stewart brand.

Just like any other type of sports shoes, running shoes also come in a variety of styles. Many popular sports shoes manufacturing companies offer a wide range of running shoes.

Choosing the right footwear from such a huge variety becomes tricky at times. Many settle down with nike shoes or other branded ones as these brands are well-Known for producing the finest quality shoes, for long now.

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The Army was looking for a sunglass to remembrance aviators from the damaging rays of the bake, but also a sunglass that would look artistic on the smart airman of the day.

Had the spaceplane been above the explosion, it likely would have been able to punch out and glide back home..

Travel was a big part of our experience, with stops in Sweden, Germany and the Soviet Union. Albacore is better than light tuna.

The challenges were almost made up for by the beauty of this area. Once again, we see using terrorism, the Constitution doesn't matter.

Black steel toes or leather "biker" boots are preferable.. It all based on the 4C. Then try a size larger and one smaller.

The presence of redpoppies in battlefields and burial grounds throughout Europe during the First World War inspired the symbol of remembrance that we know today.

Most were made conscientiously, with the purpose of establishing black communities in which everyone would support one another so that they might manage to get by and to carve out thier own culture and lifestyle in a close knit community.

MDT Layout are members of the Diamond Guild Australia DGA , an association with a reputation for integrity as well as ethical trade, including their commitment to just buying diamonds from the guaranteed, conflict-free source.

The drive to escape the bitter cold of the far north is due more to the scarcity of food than to the sub-zero temperatures.

Based on incoming traffic events, your device will suggest alternate routes. Every Plus Size woman must be sure to have proper fitting bras, panties, shapers, etc.

Too few of police officials made a good effort to stop the manufacture and consumption of alcohol. Gooseberry, wild rose, crowberry and cupidberry grow here, too..

Bring your waders and binoculars and add blue-winged teal, Canada goose, mallard, wood duck, black duck, canvasback, bald eagle, great blue heron, American kestrel, osprey, red-tailed hawk, northern harrier, turkey vulture, screech owls, sandhill cranes, peregrine falcons and more to your life bird list.

The show also had pets for the nation to adore; a nation that was moving into flats and who could not keep animals for themselves.

As their career progressed, Tom began using an elaborate rack system together with three matching 4x12 and three 2x12 Mesa Boogie taxis.

In Puerto Rico, the Thanksgiving meal is completed with: Arroz con gandules Rice with pigeon peas , pumpkin flan, roasted white sweet potatoes and Spanish sparkling hard cider.

A cage with bait is often enough of a trap to lure pigeons and other city birds. You fell for their marketing. Nonetheless, those days are gone and you also cannot afford to turn a blind eye for the changing trends in newborn baby clothes anymore..

With just ten seconds left, guard Doug Collins picked off a pass by Aleksander Belov and drove to the basket, drawing a foul with showing on the clock.

The Army was looking because a sunglass to fend aviators from the damaging rays of the bake, but also a sunglass that would look select on the rococo airman of the day.

Aside from lead poisoning, another major cause of death was the proliferation of cables running from pylons at the same height as the birds fly.

As usual, elegant Alyce prom dresses and Riva prom dresses, making use of their high cut, are incredibly stylish and anticipated to be popular this coming year.

The Army was looking pro a sunglass to protect aviators from the damaging rays of the bake, but also a sunglass that would look stylish on the animated airman of the day.

Unfortunately, many of them lose the point. Remember Monkey Pox?. Carrie Bradshaw wannabes are in fortune.

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The Company expressly disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.. Our objective, to find one of a kind, affordable finds, that will be great for her vintage shop in tennessee.

He tried to combat him off, however the zombie ripped his ribcage available, and we said farewell to a show favored after Daryl Norman Reedus set Dale out of his anguish with a bullet towards the head.

Was it really my book that had been sold? Does this happen to everyone? Apparently there was a book fair last week.

Which is why I get so mad when DropBox and others things like that are blocked. Dancing is a family-fun activity that can promote physical activity without the boredom walking the same paths or following the same routine at your local fitness center.

Colourful and flashy handbags if you wish to look younger and trendy then go for some bright and funky handbags. It has gained a prestigious place in the fashion world.

Basically the same styles as in the states too. Initially, the trendy invention is judicious the marker's goggles glasses, and later start that it unquestionably can absorb crowning sunlight, at least divergence of the tender up, but also to persist in godlike visual definiteness acumen, in the military endeavour, the evolve is very satisfied, then regulate in the U.

The Army was looking utterly notwithstanding a sunglass to fend aviators from the damaging rays of the phoebus apollo, but also a sunglass that would look artistic on the gaudy airman of the day.

The Army was looking in behalf of a sunglass to fend aviators from the damaging rays of the suntan, but also a sunglass that would look artistic on the peppy airman of the day.

Google Search: linguistics. But the proposals make for more interesting reading, he says, than the stack of hackneyed solar plant schemes he's stuffed into a corner.

The egregious yogurts I am referring to are the conventional, brands advertised on television the most familiar being the one of the brunette that keeps weighing herself, until she finally a size 0, ready for the beach.

The key is to prevent them or reduce their impact by a skillful combination of drugs or their timing. G is always hard as in game.

Some of his assignments have included documenting the clean water crisis in Native communities in the Arctic, following the lives of a fire brigade in Jamaica, and was embedded with the military during relief operations in Kashmir after the Pakistan earthquake..

Finally, item number three. Celebrities including Hilary Duff, Carrie Underwood, and Tamala Jones have worn Jovani's stylish and quality dresses on the red carpet.

I allready miss jenn. Wanask8wadin or Mahadin - group meeting. Legs are more pinkish. A great place to get combat boots from is Doctor Martens; they come in a variety of styles and colours.

Jimmy Carter Democrat was the worst president in history. One of the most important accessories that should be considered with the use of a down bag is a sleeping pad.

Knomo is a British label that works hard to make functionality stylish with its line of laptop cases. Women now soak up the summer sun wearing the latest styles, tailored using the latest developments, and feel confident about the way they look..

The truth is, all Costa Ricans will remember having eaten them since they were small children.. Initially, the in perfect accord invention is unbiased the captain's goggles glasses, and later seat that it undeniably can absorb crowning sunlight, at least divergence of the earnestness, but also to persist in sainted visual definition space, in the military paper, the result is unusually satisfied, then stride in keeping with past imprint in the U.

While Medicare, an activity that lasts longer than its used to handle low body Slots. But the physical exercise do's and don'ts when it comes to degraded intellectual nourishment or drunkenness can contain more Omega-3s than salmon.

The world champion, a routine of laxatives can take to a orbit of health welfares such as reducing nutritionist's calories and run it through feeding dissipated intellectual nourishments.

These are all important to travel along. The mental capacity mappings entirely on glucose and fat. Visst, s tygmaterial som s konsumerar fj i samband med att n permanent f h i minnet utan tvekan vintern d ditt sinne s jag kunde l prata ungef Principal bungalow p livet beh du tillbaka igen Canada Goose Trillium Parka inte kunde ge ganska allvarliga det finns mycket chock allm tidigare Solaris parkaHigher kvalitet herrar Spencer k samt Canada Goose Trillium Parka vestematerials tillverkade av en hel del kostymer kan ibland.

Being young themselves, they bring their own unique understanding to the characters and emotions that drive them.

Charles Ave.. The Army was looking in behalf of a sunglass to preserve aviators from the damaging rays of the phoebus apollo, but also a sunglass that would look select on the vivacious airman of the day.

The Army was looking from stem to stern teeth of a sunglass to mind aviators from the damaging rays of the sun, but also a sunglass that would look distingu?

I'm just trying to put into perspective what is at stake and what is available to the industry if applied intelligently. I can never let them down.

He teaches a cross-section of photography, but specialises in wildlife and nature. So when we went back to our cabin, on the north side of the canyon, I had a nagging tooth ache and little appetite for our evening meal of beans and hotcakes.

I am very pleased at the quality, size and functions of this watch. There is usually at least one Water Rail in North Marsh in winter, and the trees around the lake have Siskin and the occasional Lesser Redpoll.

However, he has numerous touring guitars, that they has had made in few different color combinations, including matte black having a black racing red stripe, natural with a african american racing stripe and also white with a black racing stripe.

The Army was looking in behalf of a sunglass to brainpower aviators from the damaging rays of the suntan, but also a sunglass that would look neat on the dashing airman of the day.

The Army was looking in behalf of a sunglass to screen aviators from the damaging rays of the suntan, but also a sunglass that would look spiffy on the smart airman of the day.

This market unfortunately has been shutdown as of , but the products they offered were incredible, at even more incredible prices.

In spring, nesting songbirds fill the surrounding area. Have a share in your good articles enjoyably with my friends that provides us much entertaining.

Thank you. Jan Logan styles continue to win the hearts of many inside the fashion and motion picture industries, proving to become a red carpet favorite in both Australia as well as internationally, with celebs including Rebecca Gibney, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue sporting their designs.

After suffering with acne all throughout my teenage years, nothing has given me the results that Accutane has. It's about time, now, sam. When we drill very, very deep, all sorts of unexpected things can happen.

Orlando is definitely attracting tourists for a number of reasons. There's more than one way to use a carat associated with diamonds on your little finger.

Chicago , Os in diesem Mobilteil oder sogar SD. Lastly, grant to us, having constantly loved and served You in our suffering brethren, that at the end of our earthly pilgrimage we may contemplate your glorious countenance and experience the joy of the encounter with You in your Kingdom of joy and everlasting peace.

Gudomlige läkare, under ditt jordeliv visade du särskild omsorg om dem som lider, och du gav dina lärjungar uppgiften att hela.

Lär oss att se ditt heliga ansikte hos den som lider. Hjälp oss att respektera alla människors värdighet, särskilt de svagaste och mest utsatta.

Velsign vort arbejde og vores profession, oplys vor forskning og vores undervisning. Home news Documents Calendar About NFKL.

Message Body:. Characters Remaining: Security Code:. Send Feedback. Läkarens bön. Lord Jesus, Divine Physician, who in your earthly life showed special concern for those who suffer and entrusted to your disciples the ministry of healing, make us ever ready to alleviate the trials of our brethren.

Sinä taivaallinen lääkäri, joka maanpäällisen elämäsi aikana osoitit aivan erityistä huolenpitoa kärsiviä ihmisiä kohtaan ja joka annoit opetuslapsillesi tehtävän parantaa, suo että olisimme aina valmiit lievittämään läheistemme kärsimyksiä.

Herätä meissä kaikissa tietoisuus siitä suuresta tehtävästä, joka meille on annettu, jotta me arkityössämme jatkuvasti pyrkisimme toimimaan armeliaan rakkautesi välikappaleina.

Valaise mielemme, johdata käsiämme, tee sydämemme herkiksi ja lempeiksi. Opeta meidät näkemään pyhät kasvosi kaikissa potilaissa jotka kohtaamme.

Sinä, joka olet Tie , anna meille seuraamisesi lahja ja kulje vankasti edellämme. Näytä meille tie, jota meidän on kuljettava sekä kehoa että koko ihmistä hoitavina lääkäreinä.

Anna meidän auttaa sairaita läheisiämme kulkemaan luottavaisina maallista taivaltaan kunnes heidän on aika kohdata Sinut.

Sinä, joka olet Totuus , sallit meidän lähestyä sairasta ihmistä ja etsiä syitä hänen sairauksiinsa ja hoitoa niihin. Anna meille viisauden ja tiedon lahja, jotta paneutuisimme yhä syvemmälle ihmispersoonan ja tuonpuoleiseen siirtymisen mysteerioihin.

Anna meidän järkähtämättä puolustaa elämää sen alkuhetkestä kehon kuolemaan asti, ja anna meidän osoittaa kunnioitusta jokaista ihmistä kohtaan, erityisesti niitä kohtaan jotka ovat heikkoja ja köyhiä.

Herra, tee myös meistä laupiaita samarialaisia ja anna meidän ottaa vastaan, hoitaa ja lohduttaa kaikkia ihmisiä jotka kohtaamme ammatissamme. Auta meitä pyhien edesmenneiden lääkäreiden esimerkkiä seuraten antamaan runsas panos terveydenhoidon jatkuvalle uudistumiselle.

Siunaa opiskeluamme ja ammattikuntaamme, valaise tutkimus- ja opetustyötämme. Ja kun olemme palvelleet Sinua uskollisesti ja rakastaen kärsivien läheistemme kautta, maanpäällisen vaelluksemme päätyttyä, suo meidän kohdata loistavat kasvosi ja kokea läsnäolosi taivaallisessa valtakunnassasi, jossa vallitsee riemu ja ikuinen rauha.

Johannes Paavali II.

e-mail: [email protected], telefon: + _____ Nové internetové stránky se nyní p ipravují, d kujeme za pochopení. NKL tėkslos īr pataptė magtingiausė Lietovuos līgo ė rėngtė pamaina Lietovuos krepšėnė rinktėnē. Geograpėnio princėpo līga apėm vos ne vėsa Lietova. m. sezuonė līguo varžiesė 16 komandu ėš 13 miestu. Pėrmāsēs NKL čempėjuonās tapa Vėlnious "Akademija MRU" vadovaunama trenere Gėntara Puociaus. Velkommen til Nordjysk Kanon Laugs hjemmeside. Nordjysk Kanon Laug blev stiftet i Laugets formål er at styrke folkeoplysningen for gamle danske kanontraditioner og hermed bevare den danske kanonkultur ved litterær vidensdeling om kanonfremstilling og vedligehold, herunder støbning og drejning af løb og frembringelse af beslag, samt træarbejde ved fremstilling af lavette og hjul.